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Plastic runway acceptance criteria

2019-08-20 14:45

1. Subject content and scope of application

This standard specifies the technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, use and maintenance of plastic runways.

This standard is applicable to stadiums and pavilions runways laid with hybrid elastomers with polyurethane as the main material.

2, the definition

A plastic track is a surface pavement for a track and field competition that is laid with a synthetic elastomer with rubber and plastic properties.

3. Reference standards

GB/T 531 rubber Shao A hardness test method

Determination of the resilience of GB/T 1681 vulcanized rubber

Standard temperature, humidity and time for environmental conditioning and testing of GB 2941 rubber samples

Preparation of GB 9865 vulcanized rubber samples and samples

GB 10111 Method for random sampling using random number dice

GB 10633 steel tape measure

GB/T 10654 Determination of Tensile Strength and Elongation Elongation of Polymer Porous Elastic Materials

4, technical requirements

4.1 Appearance and size

4.1.1 Appearance

No cracks or delamination; the anti-slip layer and the primer layer are firmly bonded and uneven; the surface color is uniform and durable.

4.1.2 Marking line

The marking line should be clear and non-reflective, with no obvious virtual edges and strong adhesion to the surface layer. The length of each marker line from the end line is not allowed to have a negative difference of less than 1/10000.

4.1.3 Flatness pass rate

The pass rate of the plastic track is not less than 85%.

4.1.4 Thickness

The thickness of the plastic track used for competition is not less than 13mm. The thickness of other non-competition auxiliary areas can be agreed between the supplier and the buyer.

4.1.5 slope

The plastic runway has a lateral slope of no more than 1:100 and a longitudinal slope of no more than 1:1000.

4.2 Physical and mechanical properties shall comply with the requirements of Table 1.




Hardness (Shao A), degree


Tensile Strength,Mpa ≥


Elongation at break,% ≥


Compression recovery rate,% ≥


Rebound value,% ≥


Flame retardant, grade


Note: 1) The project is agreed by both the supplier and the buyer.

5, test method

5.1 Determination of the flatness pass rate

5.2 Determination of thickness

5.3 Determination of length

The length of the runway on the straight road is measured with a range finder with an accuracy of not less than ±10 mm/km or a grade 1 steel ruler in accordance with GB10633. When measuring with a steel ruler, the indication value of the steel ruler should be adjusted according to the full scale length correction value and the temperature expansion coefficient of the steel ruler, including the distance length of the curve, the length of the curve part, and the length value should be converted into a semicircle. The center of the circle is the angle of the central angle of the length of the center of the circle, and is measured by the theodolite with an accuracy of not less than ±2".

5.4 Determination of slope

5.5 Determination of hardness

The sample is prepared in accordance with the provisions of D3.1 of Appendix D and is determined by the method specified in GB/T 531.

5.6 Determination of tensile strength and elongation at break

The sample was prepared in accordance with the provisions of D3.1 of Appendix D and determined by the method specified in GB/T 1.654. ​​The tensile speed was 100 ± 10 mm/min.

The difference between the two results measured in parallel, the tensile strength is not more than 0.2Mpa, and the elongation at break is not more than 22%.

5.7 Determination of rebound value

The sample is prepared in accordance with the provisions of D3.1 in Appendix D and is determined by the method specified in GB/T 1681. The difference between the two results measured in parallel is no more than 4%.

5.8 Determination of compression recovery rate

5.9 Determination of flame retardancy

6, inspection rules

6.1 The manufacturer shall guarantee the quality of the product. Each batch of products should be accompanied by a product certificate and product manual.

6.2 Group batch and sampling:

Each plastic runway project is a batch during the inspection. Each batch should be carried out.



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