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What is the problem of serious degumming of plastic track?

2019-08-20 14:38

An EPDM plastic track that is glued with ordinary glue, athletes are not allowed to walk on the spikes, but EPDM plastic track runners bonded with PU glue can walk on the spikes. If the points mentioned above are not enough to explain the importance of glue, then this point is a very vivid expression of the role of glue on the plastic track.

We often hear people say that plastic track is easy to degumming and the surface is very brittle. In fact, this has a lot to do with glue. Some plastic track laying manufacturers have a wrong source of materials. The glue that lays the plastic track is generally an environmentally friendly glue that complies with the national standard MDI system, but some manufacturers buy some inferior glue in order to reduce the cost as much as possible.

The ratio of glue in one of the plastic track materials is very important. The surface layer of EPDM plastic track is made up of a certain proportion of EPDM rubber particles and glue. The ratio is generally one to one. If it is bigger or smaller, it will be a problem. The ratio of the rubber particles on the surface of the runway is easy to fall off.

The purity of the glue is also very important. The purity of the unqualified glue is not enough. Therefore, the surface of the track will be peeled off when the sun is exposed to the sun. The rubber particles are naturally easy to fall off.



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