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What should I do to prevent plastic track from foaming during construction?

2019-08-20 14:36

During the construction process, the construction personnel shall arrange each process strictly and reasonably to ensure that the project is excellent.

When the construction personnel of the plastic track are laying in a high temperature environment, the sweat towel should be prepared in advance.

In addition to the prevention of rain, the sweat of the construction workers will also affect the curing of the plastic track glue.

When the glue of the plastic track encounters water before initial curing, air bubbles will be generated, which will affect the laying quality of the plastic track.

The time of paving should be avoided as much as possible in the morning atmosphere and the humidity of the ground.

Water should be avoided when laying plastic track, because plastic track is a polyurethane plastic material. Therefore, during the construction process of the plastic track, the construction personnel must do waterproof work. During the construction period, plastic cloth should be provided to listen to the weather forecast at any time. If the water suddenly encounters water during construction, immediately stop working and cover the finished plastic surface to ensure that the plastic surface is laid. No quality problems.

After the rubber surface of the plastic track is laid, the phenomenon of partial foaming and shelling will occur. This is because the control of the base layer compactness of the plastic track is unreasonable, and the phenomenon of shelling and delamination occurs due to the intrusion of the asphalt base layer itself. The surface of the runway is vaporized and even the base surface is pulled off.



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