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Standard width of plastic track

2019-08-20 14:26

Plastic track standard:

1. The standard runway is 400 meters in length and should consist of two parallel straights and two equal radii. In addition to the grass runway, the inside of the runway is bounded by a sharp edge made of suitable material. The protrusion is about 5 cm high and at least 5 cm wide.

If a part of the temporary movement is required for the field competition, a 5 cm wide white line is used to mark the original edge and place a plastic cone or flag with a height of at least 20 cm and an interval of up to 4 m. This clause also applies to the part of the runway that the athletes ran from the main runway to the pool in the 3000m obstacle race. For grass runways without sharp edges, use a 5 cm wide line to mark the inner edge of the runway and a small flag at 5 m intervals. In order to prevent athletes from stepping on the line, the small flag should be placed on the line and tilted into the field at an angle of 60 degrees to the ground. The size of the flag is about 25×20 cm and the flagpole is 45 cm long.

2. The length of the runway should be measured 30 cm outside the outer edge of the runway. If no sharp edges are to be measured 20 cm outside the outer edge of the marking line.

Note: The IAAF Track and Field Facilities Manual contains all technical information about runway structure, design, and marking. This rule gives the basic principles that should be followed.

For each track of 3.400 meters and below 400 meters, each athlete should occupy a lane. The minimum width of the lane is 1.22 meters, the maximum is 1.25 meters, the lane width is 5 centimeters, and all lane widths should be the same. The length of the first lane shall be measured as specified in paragraph 2 above, and the length of the other lanes shall be measured 20 cm outside the outer edge of the inner lane.

Note: The lane width should include the right lane



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