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The performance advantages and performance protection of epdm colored rubber granules and rubber powder produced by our company.

2019-08-15 19:18

EPDM color rubber granules and rubber powder produced by our company. It is mainly used for the ground pavement of sports venues, school kindergartens, all kinds of stadium safety mats, gymnasiums, pedestrian bridges and other community activities. This product has high elasticity, bright color, wear resistance, aging resistance and strong bonding performance. The weather resistance is good, the temperature and humidity have no effect on the site, and it can be used all day. The epdm color rubber particle layer and the black rubber particle cushion have great buffer protection for the joint, which can improve the movement speed, and can be matched with various colors. Compared with the pu runway, it can save a lot of cost. This product has been rated as “China Famous Brand” by China Famous Brand Association and passed the test of synthetic surface test of Chinese track and field venue. All performance indicators are better than pu runway.



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