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Comparison of characteristics of different types of plastic runways

2019-08-15 19:18

Compared with the sports venues such as the breathable plastic track and the hybrid plastic track, the composite sprayed plastic track sports field has the same appearance as the hybrid plastic track. The data except the tensile strength is basically the same as that of the hybrid plastic track. It is the first choice for the construction of sports fields in the economically underdeveloped regions of China's alpine regions. The composite spray granule plastic track cost is lower than the hybrid plastic track, and the price is higher than the breathable plastic track, between the two. It has the characteristics of good elasticity, bright color, high strength, good elasticity, wear resistance, non-slip resistance, low temperature resistance, shockproof and soundproof durability.

The composite spray granule plastic runway is coated on the composite elastic layer by using the EPDM rubber granule and the surface layer polyurethane mixed slag after being fully stirred, and the EPDM rubber granule is wrapped in the surface layer polyurethane mixed slurry. Therefore, the performance of the solid particles of the spray particles is much higher than that of the conventional plastic spray track. The bonding of the polyurethane elastic layer is the same kind of performance product from the physical properties, so it is not easy to cause threshing when used. It is easier and more convenient to clean the plastic track surface layer than the traditional plastic track.



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