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Plastic runway acceptance criteria

1. Subject content and scope of application This standard specifies the technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, use and maintenance of plastic runways. This standard is applicable to stadiums and pavilions runways laid with hybrid elastomers with polyurethane as the main material.

EPDM rubber floor: safe, durable, beautiful, practical

EPDM rubber has excellent environmental aging resistance, heat aging resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance and low temperature resistance, and has good electrical insulation and elasticity, as well as excellent color stability. . It is composed of surface EPDM color rubber layer and black rubber buffer layer. It can be matched with various colors. It can be spread with different colors or single color. It is especially suitable for kindergartens, meet the psychological characteristics of children, and can be directly laid on the concrete surface. In addition, it can save a lot of foundation cost compared with the traditional polyurethane runway.

Comparison of characteristics of different types of plastic runways

Compared with the sports venues such as the breathable plastic track and the hybrid plastic track, the composite sprayed plastic track sports field has the same appearance as the hybrid plastic track. The data except the tensile strength is basically the same as that of the hybrid plastic track. It is the first choice for the construction of sports fields in the economically underdeveloped regions of China's alpine regions. The composite spray granule plastic track cost is lower than the hybrid plastic track, and the price is higher than the breathable plastic track, between the two. It has the characteristics of good elasticity, bright color, high strength, good elasticity, wear resistance, non-slip resistance, low temperature resistance, shockproof and soundproof durability.

What is the problem of serious degumming of plastic track?

An EPDM plastic track that is glued with ordinary glue, athletes are not allowed to walk on the spikes, but EPDM plastic track runners bonded with PU glue can walk on the spikes. If the points mentioned above are not enough to explain the importance of glue, then this point is a very vivid expression of the role of glue on the plastic track.

What should I do to prevent plastic track from foaming during construction?

During the construction process, the construction personnel shall arrange each process strictly and reasonably to ensure that the project is excellent. When the construction personnel of the plastic track are laying in a high temperature environment, the sweat towel should be prepared in advance. In addition to the prevention of rain, the sweat of the construction workers will also affect the curing of the plastic track glue.
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