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  Jianqsu Yinhe Rubber Factory is one of the preferred  manufacturers and suppliers of EPDM granules from China.Our factory is National Olympic Sports Center Stadium material production base.We are specializde in developing and researching, producing, selling and installation of EPDM granules used in the sports and play industry.
  We are an ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 accredited company and aiso accredited by member of the IAF MLA for production, development and sales, At Yinhe Rubber, Equipped with advannced production facilities and imported quality testing equipment, we have maximum production capacity of more than 20,000 tons per year and ensure all products are produced strictly in accordance with the ISO quality managemet. At Yinhe Rubber, with experience and continuoous research are the source, we use to achieve the state of the art in our field. With market demanding and creative mind are the source, we explore new expertise. With skilled and experienced staff, we are setting high standard product,both in quality and application. At Yinhe Rubber, With decades experience of export, we have strong management and sales team to supply best services for all client from all over the world.
Yinhe Rubber

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